• AR, VR and Mixed Reality

    Boundary is blurred between reality and virtual world.

Simulations and Museum Solutions

Space Simulator – Simulation of space missions and realistic astrophysics simulations such as Orbit simulations, gravity simulations, Kepler’s law, collision simulations and etc.

ARMAZE - Roll the ball AR

armaze Augmented Reality game of iGears company name card
Got our name card yet?

Try the hidden AR game on the name card here:

WW2 Tower Defence AR

Markerless AR Tower Defense App

Blocky AR

Augmented Reality Block Builder

AR Easy Measure - Ruler

Plane Detection AR Ruler

Saving Bally AR

Build blocks and save Bally

Solar Odyssey - VR

Want to experience space travel at home? Try our new Solar Odyssey VR to have a first person experience flying through our Solar System. This is a good example on how VR can be applied to make learning more immersive and fun.

Virtual Reality - VR Zombie

Being immersed in the zombie apocalypse. The only thing you can rely on in this VR chaos is your gun. Don’t let any zombie bite you or you will become one of them.

AR VR Solar System

Now the Solar System is on your desk.
Using Augmented Reality Technology, a lively rotating Solar System is floating on your desk.
This software support Google Cardboard providing Mix Reality experience.

AR and VR solutions for different industries

Many different industries are making use of the augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technology for different purposes, such as Marketing events, marketing campaigns, arts, education, medical applications business and entertainments.

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3D model of products or information can be shown through AR on certain printings such as product label or advertisement.


Interesting way to learn. Visualizing knowledge from book to 3D models.


Interactive VR/AR experience makes museum alive and much more interesting for visitors.


Much more imagination and fun with virtual extension of reality. Suitable for variety of games.


Suitable for Hospital and medical purpose, for assessments and training in different areas such as Occupational Therapy / Physical Therapy.