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    Web Design and development, Mobile App Development, IT solutions consultations, Software and system development, Digital marketing tools.

  • Eagle eCommerce

    Ultimate eCommerce Web Package
    Have your own online store today

  • VR / AR and Mobile App Development

    For Marketing, Medical, Educational, Entertaining and Industrial Purposes.

  • Web Design and Development

    Responsive web design for mobile; integrated with CMS and cloud system

iGears International Group

iGears Limited is one of the subsidiaries of iGears Group. iGears provides digital services for companies and enterprises around the world since 2004.
Our services include Web Design and Development, Mobile App Solutions, Software Development, AR/VR Technology Solutions, Game Solutions for Marketing/Events, Medical Simulations and etc.

Our offices locate at United Kingdom and Hong Kong (iGears.com.hk), serving thousands of clients all over the world.

Web Technology

Mobile App Development

Software Development


Online Shop

With the exponential growth of digital marketing, social networking and smart mobile devices, eCommerce has become one of the most important essentials for almost all business.

Website Design and Development

With our GEN™ CMS Technology, we develop the most advanced websites around the world with Responsive Web Design for all desktop and mobile devices. We are expert on web programming and development.

ITChurch - All rounded church IT solutions

Church Solutions including Church Management System, Church website and etc. Professional Church IT Solutions since 2004. We are one of the top IT Solution provider for churches in Asia. ITChurch has served over 500 churches and christian organizations. With over 1 Million users all over the world.

EDM® Platform

Email Direct Marketing. A platform helping you expand your business and sending newsletters.

Mobile Apps

We have developed
Over 1000+ Mobile Apps
Many Millions of Users all over the world
On Android, iOS and Windows mobile.

Augmented Reality (AR) Name Card

Turn your name card into amazing AR game mobile app for just £1500 up.
Got my name card yet? Try the hidden AR Game on it

Game Development

We have developed different kinds of 3D/2D games, VR games for entertainment, medical industry, education or marketing purposes.

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