ITChurch - Church Information Mobile App

An essential App for all your church members. Functions including worship and fellowship attendance, church member login, announcements and notifications, church news, calendar and etc.

All rounded IT solutions for Churches

Church operation management, church website, church mobile apps, etc

Stay Connected

Members can stay connected and be updated all the time.

Easy and efficient

Easy to broadcast to all church members through notification feature

Location-based attendance

Attendance can be taken by church members themselves when they are in the church by location-based attendance feature.

Member groups

Notice/News can be broadcast to specific groups or fellowship

Cloud-based technology

The whole backend CMS is on the cloud so that authorized staff can manage the system easily wherever they are.

Easy to use

Simple UI for all church members to use.


Supporting iOS and Android platforms, managed by web browsers.

Integrated with ITChurch CIS

Fully integrated with CIS and church website.


Member Login

Each member has a personal account to login the app for attendance, notice, sermon records, and etc.

Member Information

Basic information of members, such as name, phone no., email address, etc. Members are able to update their information within the app.

Latest News

Update and release the latest news about church at any time, such as church news, worship is suspended due to inclement weather, etc.
Messages that have already read will be marked.
Distribute news to members of designated groups.

Real-time Notifications

Send notifications automatically to notify members when you update and release the latest news.
Pop-Up Notification

Interactive Notice

Notices that have already read will be marked.
Church can send out brief notice, and member can reply the notice directly through the app
For multiple choice questions, such as: yes / no, attend / absent
Reply will be sent to backend management system immediately
The App is able to distribute notices to members of designated groups.

Sermon Records

Members can watch the church service record in the app in audio or video format.

Service Documents

Show the details of church services such as date, time, lecturers, titles, content and etc.
Support the uploading of PDF files

Venue Booking

Provide venue booking service for church worship, meeting, event, etc.
Provide venue booking form.
Appointment scheduling and booking calendar

Fellowship Attendance

Fellowship/Cell Group leader can take attendance by selecting members who attend cell groups/fellowship
Group Attendance Reminder

Sunday Service Attendance

Automatic Sunday Service attendance reminder in App (according to worship start time)