ITChurch - Church Information System

CIS church information system is a comprehensive multifunctional management system, which effectively, efficiently and systematically processes the daily affairs of a church.


System Administrator
District Pastor/Parents/Fellowship leaders
Small group leaders
Individual members

Congregations Management

Personal Information
Church activities
Family background
Spiritual gifts profile

Offering Management

Individual Offering Records
Offering Reports
Printed Offering Receipts
Offering categories
Personal offering records
Personal online checking panel

Activity/ Course Management

Activity and Course Registration
Activity and Course Setting
(For example: date & time set as every Friday, number of courses, location and teacher)
Online Activity and Course Registration
Grades & Evaluation
Prerequisite Course Criteria

Shepherd and Pastoral System

Date & Time Setting
Pastoral Records & Evaluations
Consultation Types

Attendance Management

Integrated with ITChurch App (sold separately)

Analytic Reports

Members Analytic Reports
Different Attendance Reports (Services, Small groups, Activities, Courses)
Produce weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly statistics
Course Enrollment Reports
Offering Records

Attendance Management

Using the Attend Pro (can link with barcode/ smartcard), it can record whether each member attend the course or activity on time, late or absent.

Search Engine

To search for information, you can use member ID, name, phone number, address, date create or date modified to search for relevant information, which provide high accuracy and convenience.

System Flexibility

System administrator can set different membership categories, courses and activities or any discount types etc. Highly flexibility can help the center to deal with the daily operation.

Family Member

Except the individual member, system can deal with the family members’ cases, such as: family member registration, payment, receipt printing and mailing address label and so on.

Data Analysis Report

System will provide different data analysis reports and all the data or reports can export in excel format. Detailed report helps to analyze the current situation and future policy development

Access Right Setting

System administrator can set different permissions within the system.


Wed-Based System

Suitable for Various Church Structures

Attendance Tracking System