CitiSignage™ Signage Display Software

Suitable for Food Menu Display, Advertisements, Product Promotions and Anything you want.

Split Screens Supported

Displaying multiple information in one single screen such as food menu, video, event information, etc.

Multiple Screens Supported

Displaying a single image or video across multiple displays

No more boring poster

Replacing static, printed, boring posters, promotions and food menu with animated and attractive display


Integrated with CitiSignage™ Centralized Control System, you can control and customize all the displays around the country from your panel.

Suitable for hotel and restaurants

Displaying animated food menu and videos is eye-catching

Mobile Friendly Backend System

Easy to use, mobile friendly.

Suitable For Different Kinds of Display

Suitable for TV, LED Display, Monitor, Tablet, Projector and etc.

Multiple Displays / Single Displays

Information can be shown in multiple display as one whole display or splitting information in one single display.

Setup Fee
  • First time software setup and software installation
  • *TV is not included
Monthly Fee
  • CitiSignage Cloud-based Display Management Software
  • Software Maintenance and support
  • Cloud hosting
  • For One Display