Pressent your business online

Website is essential for all kinds of business, organizations and even personal use. With the backend CMS, it allows you to build a blog, business site, portfolio, online store or any other types of website.

Our Professional Team

We have experienced web designers and developers in our team to help you create and setup your own website.

Backend CMS Admin Panel

Keep the content of the website updated through user-friendly backend CMS admin panel.

Database Optimization

Reduce database system response time to increase website speed.

Daily Backup

Make regular backup to avoid data loss.

SSL Certificate

Help to get an SSL certificate for data security and encryption.

Full Support

Professional global support to help you overcome the difficulties.

SPAM Cleanup

Remove unnecessary website resources regularly to improve site speed.


1. Consultation
First fill out the request form, or contact us by email or phone.

2. Quotation
We will submit a plan and make a quotation based on the web design and content after discussed with our customer.

3. Sign A Contract
We will sign a contract with the customer if quote is accepted.

4. Create The Website
We will report and show the progress of our work to customer. Customer can also contact us at any time to ensure effective communication.

5. Confirmation
Customer can test the website and ensure that it is reachable.

6. Website Officially Opened
We will deliver quality customer service experiences and ensure the best customer satisfaction.

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1. Do I get a free trial?
Yes. Please contact our team to arrange the free trial.

2. Why iGears?
iGears has been in web develop industry for 20 years, iGears is experienced to deliver stunning and professional websites to customers in different industries. With the backend CMS, it can be updated with high flexibility. Our team can develop websites using different technologies to suit your needs, leaving rooms for upgrades and extension in the future to cope with the growth of your business.